How It Works

Zoliro creates mobile visibility and one-on-one interactions for your sponsors’ content and promotions
Event attendees can choose offers they like and discard the ones they don't, to create their own bag
Event planners can distribute their bag to attendees via multiple channels

Actionable Data-Driven Results

Stay on top of your revenue stream with real time behavioral reports and analytics.

Get immediate insight on all interactions between your partners and attendees.
Rank generated leads to make better-informed decisions.

Easily control the information you share with your partners and sponsors


Benefits: Sponsors and Exhibitors

  • Identify your potential customers in the crowd
  • Enable one-on-one interactions with your brand
  • Drive results even after the event has ended with out-of-the-box lead qualification
  • High conversion rates and longer lasting engagement cycle

Benefits: Event Organizers

  • Give your attendees compeling offers, completely white labeled to your event
  • Add value and innovation to your sponsorship packages
  • Help your partners make the most out of their investment
  • Hassle-free setup, distribution and analysis
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Zoliro for
Professional Events

Increase exposure and drive higher engagement with your audience and partners
Get to know what your audience likes, generate highly qualified leads
Get pro-active
Provide your partners with on-going, data-driven lead management tools

Increase the value your event provides to your partners

Your sponsors are already visible in your website, showcased in your events' activities, etc. But giving them the possibility to inject their own campaigns in Zoliro’s Digital Bag allows them to share highly targeted offers and content with your event's attendees. As a result, your sponsors make much more out of their investment and you increase sponsorship sales.

Performance based plan

We take your event to a whole new level of engagement and profitability. We are so confident on our product’s performance that we only charge per attendees that actually use the platform. Pay only $1 per attendee and campaign. With Zoliro’s Digital Bag you can expect a higher than 70% exposure to offers from your partners and a higher than 50% response rate from your audience.

Completely white-labeled solution

Zoliro’s Digital Bag is a gratifying experience you share with your demanding audience. It would not be so if it weren’t fully customized to your own look and feel.
White-labeled to your event

Fast and easy setup

There are no limits to the ways your partners can take advantage of Zoliro’s Digital Bag to maximize exposure and sales. We provide you with our online Campaign Builder to easily and quickly inject their campaigns and safely update them on the fly. And if you want to skip this step, we will be happy to do it for you, free of charge.