Performance based lead generation platform that targets your audience in live events

Live events are a great marketing opportunity.
It's time to make the most out of it

We analyze millions of opportunities, and work with the world's leading events, to find the best fit for your brand and message.

Zoliro puts your brand’s offers in attendee's hands at live events who then go on to qualify themselves as leads.
Myth #265: You can't be in two places at the same time. Now you can!

How do we qualify leads?

What exactly am I paying for?

Your message goes out to your targeted audience at live events
We engage attendees with an effective and simple mobile experience highlighting your product
Real people interact with your offers and opt in to the ones they are interested in
You get a list of qualified leads - reiterate on your offer and repeat at multiple events around the world
reiterate on your message and repeat at multiple events around the world

Why you'll love Zoliro

Performance based model
No sponsorship fees - No hidden costs, pay only for the leads you get
Free exposure, Always!
Free exposure to targeted audiences in worldwide premium events
Potential clients meet clear CTA
Put a clear CTA in the hands of the attendees and have them interact with your brand
One time set up - ongoing impact
Set on a message that works? Great! Now put it to scale in a click, watch it deliver through events globally
Ongoing measurement and analysis
Get real-time performance insights and start communicating with your leads to drive results even long after the event has ended
Get exposure at live events without paying for sponsorship up front

Short and simple set up

Set up your campaign in minutes. Choose your target audience, location and budget and get reccomendations based on similar successful campaigns

Your content as an integral part of the event experience

During the event attendees select the offers & content they are interested in and provide their email to qualify themselves as leads

Real time analytic, Actionable insights

Track ROI and optimize your campaign performance. Easily export new prospects to your CRM platform and continue the interaction even long after the event has ended

See our product in action

We will only email you once with the link to the demo bag so you can open it on your phone to get the full user experience.. Or simply copy this link to your mobile browser:


How do you price leads?

Minimum prices for qualified leads are priced based on the competition on your audience and the availability of events for your audience.

What counts as a qualified lead

Zoliro is an opt-in based platform so visitors in live events choose both to get exposed to content and to qualify themselves as leads. You will only get details of real people, who are really interested in what you have to offer

What about events I sponsor already

If we have already partnered with the specific event, you can add your offer free of charge. Otherwise, let us know and we will contact the organizer to get started. It will be free for them too.

Will I know where my message goes?

Yes, your analytics view is live from the second your campaign is approved and starts running. You will have full visibility about which leads came from which event.

How will you know where my target audience is?

That's basically what we do best. Behind the scenes, Zoliro analyzes millions of opportunities to find the best fit for your message, based on the description you provide. Account management services will be available for accounts larger than $5,000

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