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Engage Event Attendees with what's in the Bag

Zoliro matches the most relevant event content for your event's audience. Distribution of swag whether it be promotions, giveaways and/or fresh content happens before, during and after the event to increase your events visibility. Choosing the right digital swag and sharing it with your event attendees is now effortless.
Engage event attendees
Monetize with swag

Monetize with Swag

Zoliro's extensive network of service providers guarantees prime placement of advertisements and pinpoint matching for maximum relevance to your target audience, hassle free.

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With Zoliro, advertising gets smarter. Our predictive modeling and data-driven targeting radically boosts advertising results and delivers the most relevant ads to the right event attendees. Boosting sponsors and ad placements is what we do best.
Service providers get more
Event organizers take control!

Event Organizers

  • Customized selection of content
  • Digital swag shared via sms, email and/or app
  • Quick-setup and distribution
  • Analytics and data collection for future events
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